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MySejahtera is an application developed by the Government of Malaysia to assist in managing the COVID-19 outbreaks in the country. It allows users to perform
© Provided by Malay Mail Khairy today reminded MySejahtera users to update their residential address on the application.

MySejahtera users have been advised to update their residential address on the application to address the issue of being sent to vaccination centres (PPV) in other states or distant locations, said National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (CITF) Coordinating Minister Khairy Jamaluddin Khairy said the recent issue of people being registered at PPVs not within their state or a close distance from their area of residence was due to Google Map’s application programming interface, used by MySejahtera. “For example, someone living in Taman Bahagia in KL types it out on the app, and all the locations named Taman Bahagia are listed.

“They simply click on the first Taman Bahagia, and as a result they are sent to Taman Bahagia in Sandakan, Sabah,” Khairy said during a CITF press conference with Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba. Due to this, he said the MySejahtera app now has an additional feature for users to confirm their address details, including their post code and state.“My message to MySejahtera users is to please go and update your address field, so that those incidents will be minimised and eliminated completely, and this problem will not occur in the future. “We are also coming up with an interactive help desk on MySejahtera soon, to assist with cases that have been sent to PPVs that are in other states or far from them, due to the issue with Google Maps’ API,” Khairy said. Related Articles ‘But only 2,000 have registered’, Khairy says in response to criticism not all GPs nationwide in Covid-19 vaccination drive Khairy: Pilot programme for vaccination via mobile trucks to be introduced in KL Khairy promises improvements to mega PPV SOPs after overcrowding concerns

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